Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen

Program Manager specializing in B2B relationships and your next indispensable right-hand man. H2020 & GDPR Solutions

M3 Migration | LEAN | Infrastructure | Technical Writer

Germany Dusseldorf area +49 (0) 157 72 14 36 86




Participate in corporate strategic planning.

Apply project management theory to real-world business challenges.

Manage projects from planning and development to closing.

Use a process-based approach to achieve organizational goals.

Reverse rising costs and raise client satisfaction.

Lead initiative portfolio strategic planning.

Leverage ITIL processes to reduce response/resolution time.

Portfolio management. Leverage advanced knowledge and skills to succeed as a senior program manager.


Project Manager ITERGO, Düsseldorf Germany

June 2017 – Present

Implementation for ITERGO Dusseldorf for ZAV Program (Future Architecture Sales)

Creating RFI, RFP for a new System Integrator. This is an implementation to replace the "old environment" and create in parallel a new SAP environment based on the following SAP modules. Export of all data from Mainframe to SAP. Total budget 160 Million Euros.

Project description (Details)

For historical reasons, the ERGO Group has different rules for commissioning and settlement. These are implemented in a variety of different, physically separate systems with the corresponding interfaces to the commission subsystems and to the divisional and / or collection / disbursement systems.


Consolidation of the various commissioning / remuneration system worlds, among others. ZP-D, zP-HH, saving systems, including associated subsystems and interface systems, to a new overall system

Technical implementation of the expert procurement worlds (processes, regulations, agency agreements) in the new overall system.


Reduction of complexity in remuneration calculation and settlement (processes, regulations) and hence the error rate. Reduction of technical and technical maintenance costs in remuneration calculation and calculation.

Reduction of manual workarounds for compensation calculation and calculation.

Facilitating cross-selling, upsetting Transfer of stocks across the sales network in order to ensure customer wishes and to bring stocks into productive care. Increased readability of the remuneration statement. Simplification of information systems, remuneration statistics, competition calculations, etc. Ensuring financial and tax requirements to avoid reputation risks and to work properly

  Methodologies ITIL, Agile, Jira, Prince2

CEO P@ssport Business Engineering, Germany

January 2014 – Present

This is my main German company responsible for IOT, Data and Cyber Security Solutions.

1.2016 till January 2017: Cooperation with UK Company to develop new GDPR solution.

    a.Include also the H2020 and Triple –A security to have a more reliable and secure platform.

    b.Cybersecurity controls are having a significant impact on frontline productivity About 90 percent of the respondents     overall said that controls had at least a moderate impact on it. Half of the high-tech executives cited existing controls as “a     major pain point” that limited the ability of employees to collaborate.

2.2017 February till present: At the moment also have a mayor project ongoing in the US for P@ssport Germany in which we implement the Triple –A solution to establish a 99.99 % secure environment.

This project is setup by me and carry out by my Dutch partner on side the US Washington.

Principal Product Delivery Manager mCommerce, Vodafone GmbH Germany

August 2015 – February 2017

Overall product Governance

Risk, Issue, delivery and Scope Management

Resource Management

Quality Management

Global Communications

Vendor Management


Design Project Management Framework for GC (Global Commerce)

MDM Meta Data Manager, Data Quality assurance

Design HASI (Host and Application Security Infrastructure)


Design and implementation of SAP ME, MII, ERP and SCM modules

Branding and Launch payment system for Vodafone Europe, for following products: MWallet, ProxyCard, Smartpass in Spain, Italy NL, DE and UK

Apple Store and Google Play Store

Implementation of different SAAS solutions

Used tools, Jira and Confluence, Circle and SharePoint.

Implementation of different SAAS solutions.

Data centre relocation Frankfurt to Stuttgart.

Implementation IP Performance Metrics (iPPM) attached to SAP EVO

Negotiations with MasterCard, Visa in al country specific countries

Methodologies ITIL, Agile, Prince2 and Kanban

Security Project Consultant USA Government, Washington DC (Urgent-Project)

October 2015 – December 2015
Implementation of the Intrusion Cyber ​​/ Data Security Software from P@ssport to Tripple-a and Sans 20 regulations. Networks including SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Networks include computer / server applications that perform important functions in providing basic services. After the security breach 7 months ago, there was an urgent need to realize this as quickly as possible on the spot. As such, they are part of the critical infrastructure of the nation and need protection from a variety of threats present in cyberspace. The goal was to prevent and secure the entire infrastructure environment. To prevent unauthorized control of devices such as servers, routers, local firewalls, and remote locations.

Method SCADA, P@ssport, SanS-20

Senior Technical Program Manager For BMW AG

January 2014 – August 2015

Build a German delivery-organization

Responsible for 80 local and 290 global employees (SAP, DB and WEB) Support of Pre-Sales (Insurance, Public, Automotive)

Account optimization for ITIL base services as well as projects for WEB operation, SAP Basis, SAP special services (GUI, SolMan, Provisioning), Databases, Cognos, Informatics, ITSM, CMDB, WEBEAM, IDM, C2B, B2X, MQS, PIX-PIXH, Documentum, Websphere, EDI, Secure Transport, Deploy Director and Cross Functional for process and governance

•Account optimization

•Delivery Lead during pre sales (RFI and RFP)

•100 mUSD+ Infrastructure Managed Service Contract in automotive industry

•Technologies re middle ware service for SAP, WEB, Databases, BI/BO, ITSM, CMDB, vehicle connectivity, MQ, Websphere, EDI, Secure Transport

•Delivery Lead during transition -in from incumbent - Setup of local delivery center München

•Recruitment of local talents

•Relocation of local delivery center

•In the role as Service Director did turnaround management

•Account stabilization

•Account improvement activities e.g. automation, optimization, financial health improvement

•Pre-sales support in RFI/RFP for automotive, energy, public, transportation, insurance - Employee development

•Management coaching

Project manager - Consultant (Partime) ABNAMRO Bank, Hong Kong China

January 2014 – July 2014

Implementation and upgrade triple 'a Plus™ Private Banking platform.

Access for the portfolio manager and the Relationship Manager to manage assets to improve customer service and generate higher levels of investment to increase performance. Implementations are all done on HP 3PAR StoreServ 8450 SAP Hana systems. The modules contain the specific business functions, to meet the requirements of the portfolio or relationship managers. Deliver real-time portfolio information for optimal decision-making. The structure and design of Enterprise Architecture Management Structure flexibility for a sequence to create work orders workflow to the needs of your organization reflects. SEPA implementation.

Profile Creation, clients and portfolio tailored investment strategies automate monitoring of compliance and account opening processes. All of the projects are within the agreed project scope.

Methods ITIL, SCADA, Prince2, IPMA, LEAN, EAM

Project Manager HJ Interim Utrecht Netherlands

February 2014 – May 2014

Writing a new training program for "Project Management" for Asian training company and implemented remote on the training servers. These are accessible by Windows and Mac desktop, mobile app Trainy_PM for IOS now in development will be ready in the end of 2014 this app for Android. (Apps are not available on the public market segment). All projects are delivered within the stipulated project scopes and budgets

Methods ITIL, Prince2, IPMA KOPAFIJTH method, LEAN IT

Program Manager / Line Manager / Solution Architect Government Saudi-Arabia Jeddah - Dubai (2e)

January 2013 - December 2013 (3 working shifts) 280 FTE

Built - Implementation of 5 Tier IV GREEN datacenter solution ($75M) spread over UAE.

Following ANSI/TIA-942 Standard.

•Expanded PMO.

•Focused 1,200+ agency staff on quality, creating model for staff accountability.

•Generated $12M returns on $75M program investment.

•Assembled cross-functional team comprising staff, consultants and vendors.

•Led all phases from site selection, facilities design, hardware & software sourcing and installations.

Project Manager / Coordinator ASML Semiconductor Manufacturer, Netherlands

September 2011 - December 2012 (1 year 4 months) 43 FTE

•Leading 42 projects/programs

1.Exceed on demand implementation (Interface between Windows and SUN Solaris for the development environment)

2.Migration XenDesktop 5 (Windows XP to Windows Seven)

3.Oracle Glassfish rol out Development Street for design and implementation & Oracle environment.

4.Matlab 5 design and implementation

5.Confluence Wiki CS design and implementation

6.Infra Shop Floor Control & consolidation project (BPC) SAP

  1. 7.Java Development Street

    (i.e. Glassfish, JBos, Agile, Ruby, Python, Bash, Jenkins, Xslt en Scrum) design and implementation

8.Upgrade Livelink 

9.Upgrade VMware 3.x to 4.1 Veldhoven, Wilton en Linkou

10.Shop Floor Control POM, SAP BO DB, Modelbank (SAP)

11.Design and implementation Virus scanner portals (Bowbridge),

12.Intellectual property management system, design and implementation

13.Design and implementation Shop Floor Control POM landscape for MII / ME / Preactor SAP

14.Implementation, migration and Upgrade TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5.X

15.Implementation DirX Identity Management, design and implementation

16.Replacement Planon Server plus Nominum Upgrade design and implementation

17.SAP ECC Sandbox IL2, design and implementation

18.Design and implementation Toolsnet IT Infra

19.Implementation E-Commerce SAP

20.Cymer Embedded Software development US/NL design and implementation implement secure network.

21.Design and implementation SAAS contract tool Flex desk

22.Design & implementation Identity & Access management, Security Master plan network in - ext. security.

23.Design and implementation Citrix assessment/ D&E environment.

24.Design and implementation SCCM monitoring implementation. 

25.Implementation, initiation and design Virtual Desktop (VDI) 25.000 workplaces worldwide

26.Migration Windows XP to Windows 7 used M3 method (25.000 workplaces worldwide), inclusive User data  migration of the entire windows environment. Total 25.000 users and 4500 servers, 2 Netapp streets, migrated to FAS6070 & FAS6080 systems. Total amount of User data was stored on 49 Netapp-storage controllers with 3,7 PB on total netto storage capacity.

27.Enclosure of new services defined in the business catalogues. IT management reports and SLA from contract administration.

28.Total network upgrade from the complete company network, design to implementation.

29.Implementation, MDM Meta Data Manager, Data Quality assurance

30.Upgrade Security standards Socks compliant based on Sans20

All projects are delivered within the stipulated project scopes and budgets

Program Manager / Line Manager Government Saudi-Arabia Jeddah - Dubai (1e)

April 2011 - August 2011 (5 months, 3 working shifts) 153 FTE

Data center implementing and finalizing. Advise technical infrastructures and security, planning and steering.

Built new $34M datacenter operation from the ground up.

Methods: ITIL, Prince2, and IPMA
all projects are delivered within the stipulated project scopes and budgets

Project Manager / Coordinator ASML Semiconductor Manufacturer, Netherlands

September 2010 - March 2011 (7 months) 43 FTE, 6 teams

Leading 23 projects for infrastructure upgrade worldwide.

Responsible for hardware orders for i.e. Sap Hana systems, Netapp storage solution and UPS systems.

Generated 1.2 million euros cost reduction on systems and processes serving 25,000 worldwide users.

Technical Project leader / Architect Catharina Hospital Eindhoven, Netherlands

February 2010 - November 2010 (4 months, 3 working shifts) 25 FTE

Implementation EPD (Electronisch Patient Dossier) and Hammersmith PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems)
The RIS-PACS system was implemented in four phases to meet the technical-functional needs of the Units of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging. The plan was developed considering the workflow between the Department, the outpatient Centre and the hospital wards with the aim of creating a filmless and paperless organizational model for the Radiology Units. The four-implementation phases were characterized by defining and developing protocols, that would integrate the systems (HIS, RIS, PACS and modalities) to guarantee correct and complete management of the workflow.
Phases I and II have already been completed and have led to efficient, safe and complete interaction between the hospital wards, the outpatient center and the Radiology Units. Overall performance of the hospital has improved and the outpatient center is now completely managed in digital mode. Phases III and IV will extend these positive results by enabling the routine distribution of radiological reports and images to all hospital wards and clinics and associated facilities. As a result, the use of film and printing and developing materials will gradually be reduced, enabling all the required clinical and diagnostic information to be immediately and securely shared. Implementing MDM, SAS, SAP QM, HR, SD, ME, MII, HR, ERP, PLM, SRM and SCM modules. Project budget 640K Euro.

Project Manager Schiphol aviation, Amsterdam Netherlands

October 2009 - January 2010 (4 months) 41 FTE

Upgrade all network related equipment like core switches, routers.
Thirds party network provider KPN NV.

Senior Project leader / Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

August 2008 - December 2009 (1 year 5 months) 185 FTE

Within the ABN AMRO account and later the RBS account of HP/EDS I managed several programs under which the Programme to achieve the Data Center Separation in Amstelveen, the Asset Control (Market risk) implementation and the Odyssey Back Office implementation. Since September 2009 I was leading the pursuit and the setup of the Amstelveen Data Center Exit Optimization Programme, which achieved the consolidation, virtualization, and rationalization of the infrastructure of the Royal Bank of Scotland as a preparation for the migration to the UK. After this I was working on the pursuit and setup for the migration Programme itself.

•Program budget 6.3M euros.

•Involved as Programme manager in the separation Programme to separate the Live and Savings business of the Co-operative Banking Group and implement it into the buyers estate, Royal London. During this period we responded to the RFI and RFP. Also I was responsible to set up the Programme structure and made the HP organization ready to run this over 30mio pound Programme.

•Implementation SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area).

•Implemented on SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (Hana).

Project Manager BDO Bank, Manila Philippines

October 2007 - June 2008 (9 months) 41 FTE

Consolidation of the ICT infrastructure.

I was responsible for setting up and leading the migration project BDO bank within the proposed time limit. Implementing Citrix work surrounding. Virtualization from the server farms to VMware ESX. Supervising 12 persons. . Implementing SAP MII, ME, QM, HR, SD. Here I we installed a new Citrix environment, Citrix have been installed on of DC Windows 2003. The aim of this is ongoing have a connection with he banks in Thailand; they’re a number of employees ongoing busy with processing of several data traffic-jams is. Citrix are here extremely for suitable and it is the wishes of the customer a safe work have surroundings. For this task the BDO BANK in Manila and the cooperating Mckinsey bank in Bangkok have asked me. The aim was to consolidate the infrastructure ICT.

Security Consultant High Wire Networks, Manila Philippines

October 2007 - May 2008 (8 months)
12 FTE

Implementation roaming partners Support, maintenance.

Responsible for the overall network security including Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Cisco PIX Firewalls, Checkpoint firewall-1 NG Firewalls, Cisco ACS Servers and VPN. I was responsible for setting up and leading a new installation for the authentication guest users for hotspot Wi-Fi connections, to this account had been coupled that one could buy in almost each hypermarket. These accounts have been produced by me and have these account names with belonging password by have been sent for printing the cards were pressed and ready were made for sending for sale. All systems run windows 2008 servers, a separated Ldap server for authentication of the accounts, with time calculation module, which keeps up the passed time. Design, implementation SAAS and roll out of WLAN hotspot solutions. Implementation of roaming partners Support, maintenance, upgrades, new installations and troubleshooting on the core networks consisting of both Cisco and Juniper routers. Transition company goals.

Transition & Consolidation, Service E-management.

Reduce ICT total cost with 575K Euro.

Project leader, Orange Telecom Den Hague, Netherlands

July 2007 - October 2007 24 FTE


Project management, transition/consolidation the IT infrastructure between to merged companies: Transition/consolidate the IT infrastructure between Orange and Wanadoo for T-Mobile.

Project implementation and execution, application development, account management

Managing a project to build a virtual multi-user, multi-client platform.
The task comprised all planning, implementation and execution. It also included all responsibility for budget and personnel, as well as technical responsibility for design and design implementation. In addition, it involved defining and implementing the internal processes for ordering, invoicing and inventory management. It also involved preparing the required SLAs for the subsequent operation.
The whole platform was designed for around 100,000 dedicated virtual workstations In addition, VOIP telephony was implemented and routing functions concealed using Genesis products. The scope included a wide range of adaptations and new developments. In particular this involved using SAP ME, MII, HR, ERP, PLM, SCM modules, Oracle, Siebel, SQL databases and various Java applications, which had partly to be designed from scratch. There was a strong focus on quality assurance and break testing the developments. SCCM was used for rollout and platform management.
Two data centers were included in the consolidation, each with 2,500 servers.
An additional focus was transferring various services from different international providers over to a single strategic one aligned with ITIL standards. Project budget 6.3M euros.

Project Manager locale Government Gouda Netherlands

June 2005 - May 2006 (1 year) 17 FTE

For this customer I introduced the following: Risk analyze, infrastructure scan before start projects, writing and developing budget for coming year, consolidation of office computers - Citrix surroundings, SAN implementation and design, design of computer center. Symantec Enterprise Vault, design cooling & (emergency)-power supply, Transition IT department, construction of a fiberglass ring in Gouda and connections to public services as Police, Fire Department and city supervision. Introduction thin client surroundings, implementation of tuning Cognos Financial system, realization and coordination computer center, consolidation Windows KA and work spots. I was responsible for the realization and initiation of a backup environment (data-protector). SAN and migration user data were implemented.  Implementation, MDM Meta Data Manager, Data Quality assurance

A new SAN environment was consolidated, as well as a technical implementation of GBA system, and a technical consolidation of Windows surroundings. Writing essays on communication plans to authorities and users, Design & Capacities planning (design and introduction), reporting at department managers, and class of B&W. Advantages: higher availability of management trials, visibility & transparent management expenses. Good filling-out of the preconditions for Municipalities. There was a professionalizing of the information service of Gouda. Better guarding and monitoring of the new infrastructure calamities.

Project budget 1.3M euro.     

Project Manager / Architect BTO

6-2004 – 12-2004

Responsible for 12 FTE

Creating a Citrix presentation 3.0 designs.
Configuring and tuning IP network (Bandwidth)
Citrix Documentation, Documentation center Citrix.
Maintenance Citrix servers, Planning consolidations of 6 foreign sites / 32 Farms worldwide Documentation financial applications. I was responsible for the implementation of Windows mobile distribution, new firmware and safe boot. Implementing of data encryption over Umts was also under my care.
Designing and implementing Windows 2000 environment in 6 countries. I have worked with payment software and resources at the following banks; Baniff bank the means point in Portugal looks after all payment movement electronic, Banco Espirito Santo in Lisbon and IBM BTO the financial department of IBM in Lisbon. Implementing SAAS solution. Also I have written the policies regarding follow up procedures, work regulations and what to in case of emergencies (handbook). Security policies - security ATM machines – Design and implemented IBM-SAS, MDM. Treasury pay module Baniff bank (SAP ME, MII, HR, ERP, PLM, modules) - described ITIL processes and implement - security audits written and implement Baniff bank and Banco Espirito Santo - Documentation Financial application - swaps - brokers. Use methodic Prince2, ITIL

Project Manager Credit Registration

10-2003 – 12-2004

Responsible for 4 FTE

Primary: Checking and developing decision criteria, decision invoicing strategy, defining project assignment, creating project(s) quality plan, developing of the project organization. Start assignment, planning own work, controlling project workflow, and gathering reports from customers and Sema Group Management. Evaluate assignment, managing of the project organization, maintain customer(s) and suppliers relations, maintain knowledge view. Implementing and guarding ISO 9001 procedures, IQnet standard.

Enhanced the customer experience and reduced fraudulent credit and debit card transactions. Determining root causes of failures, issues and defects in near-real time.

Generating coupons at the point of sale based on the customer’s buying habits.

Recalculating entire risk portfolios.

Detecting fraudulent behavior before it affects organization.

Secondary: Create system test plan, and maintenance contracts. Quantify capacity information system, develop offer for technical solutions, calculation and risk analyze. I was responsible for the Project plan and quality within the organization, making Change Requests, having evaluation meetings with project employees and supporting with career development. Develop a catalogue with products and services. I was promoting the company in magazines and Internet of Sema Group organization.
Used these skills within all my projects, see please my resume. Use methodic Prince2, ITIL

Project Manager / Architect Railways NS Prorail

3-2004 – 6-2004

Responsible for 8 FTE

Essays of broad physical IS/TI-architecture: technical reference architectures, standard and directives, development of more closely to stipulate parts of physical IS/TI-architecture, update architecture products conceptual and logical IS/TI architecture and bring out new version of it, describing the transformation of IST- to SOLL-situation within the framework of the master plan, setting up technical & application life cycle management. Arrange of test process, among which adapts of stencil key set project starts architecture, advice concerning the training for fields and project architects of ITS-development plan. Facilitate of competence group counselors, coaching, exchange stimulate and facilitate. During the project component Dutch track ways I entirely new surroundings/infrastructure, making have developed project plan, action plan, negotiations done with the new outsourcer PinkRoccade and the supervision of my team looked after including the coaching. Control the budget these was 1.5 million euro.  Implementation, MDM Meta Data Manager, SAS and Data Quality. Implementing SAP EA-FIN, EA-HR, EA-SCM, IS-PS ME, MII.

Project Manager / Architect of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

10-2003 – 3-2004

Responsible for 12 FTE

Migration GroupWise 6 # MS Exchange 2003, Envisioning and Planning, Developing, Testing, Production setup, Pilot rollout, Deployment. Migrate user and application information into domain or create these data. Adapt logon script settings. 824 work stations from NT to XP. Implementing SAP FIN, ME, MII, HR, SCM, QM In the planning phase, the key business requirements of the new Exchange messaging system are discussed, as well as the remigration networking and messaging environments. The migration teams design mandate is, to retain current messaging functionality and, when possible, exceed current functionality with Exchange features. Careful planning is the key to avoiding complications after migration begins. Develop migration project, criteria, and demands for the migration GroupWise 6 # MS Exchange 2003, Microsoft clustering, development and administration. Use methodic Prince2

Project Manager / Architect Ministry of the Flemish community

12-2003 – 2-2004

Responsible for 21 FTE

Server transition, with the coordination and steering from 6 employees.
I was also writing work procedures, as well as proposals for improvement of projects.
Security issue, writing and implementation of security policies on UNIX and Windows NT4/W2K.Transition project for the NT servers of the Flemish Government.
Advise technical infrastructures and security workplaces (desktop and laptop).
Planning, steering, making appointments with foreign sites, creating, and maintaining CA Unicenter in a Citrix environment.
Create design for SaaS solution. I was responsible for the delivery of documentation.
It was also under my care the Installation of Microsoft clustering, and its maintenance. Installation of a CA Unicenter Remote control, and TND Agents, on the NT servers was also made. Implementing SAS, MDM big data to assure data streams. I was also checking the servers on technical errors. IQnet was standard. Use methodic Prince2, ITIL

Team leader Manila, Philippines

5-2003 – 9-2003

Responsible for 16 FTE

The implementation of Citrix work environment.
Coordination and steering from employees (12 men / woman)
Here I have Citrix environment implemented, Citrix is installed on the OS Windows 2000 with active directory and Microsoft Terminal server. The purpose of this is to have a steady connection with the Mckinsey bank in Bangkok; there are several employees busy with the maintenance of several data files. Citrix is the best solution for this purpose and the wish from the customer to have a safe and secure work around. For this assignment I have being asked by Abnamro bank in Manila and Bangkok.

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